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Spicing things up – your ultimate guide to adding herbs and spices to your babies diet

Millika Stewart, UK Contributor

06 February 2018

Whenever people think of adding flavour to food they automatically want to reach for salt or sugar. But there are so many other wonderful aromatics like spices and herbs that can do the job of exciting babies tastebuds.

It’s very normal for babies from Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern etc descent to be introduced to spices and herbs very early on in life so there is no reason to be afraid. And if you are eating all these foods while breastfeeding, baby is already getting their first taste of it anyway as it gets transferred through your milk.

Besides adding extra flavour, most herbs and spices also have medicinal properties so it really is a beneficial move. Things like garlic, cinnamon, vanilla and rosemary are very high in anti-oxidants. Ginger, nutmeg and mint can soothe indigestion and nausea. You can use dried/powdered versions but I prefer fresh. It is also worth mentioning that some liquid vanilla extracts contain alcohol so look out for that and rather avoid those.

It can be a little intimidating and confusing figuring out what baby can have when and what food to combine with which spice/herb so I hope this chart helps a little.

10 great herbs and spices and foods to pair them with:

The 10 great herbs and spices and foods to pair with

This is just the basics, there are so many more herbs and spices to explore. Your babies food never has to be bland again! In fact, studies show that the more interesting flavours they are exposed to in their formative years, the healthier their eating habits will be as adults.

Amazing Spices

As baby tries new herbs and spices, you will soon learn which they love and you will be able to create your babies own ‘blend’.

Amazing Herbs

You can then add this to foods they don’t generally like and maybe because of the new addition, they might just change their minds!

*Please note – the above chart is based on what I introduced to my daughter at certain ages under the supervision of our paediatrician. Please consult your paediatrician about what is safe to introduce and when as every baby (and mommy) differs and results may vary, especially if you have a history of allergies in your family.

Also remember to only add one herb/spice at a time to a food your baby has already had before. Adding too many new things at once can cause digestive upset and of course if there are any allergies, you won’t know which food caused it.

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