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My top 10 not-so-traditional baby food combo’s

Millika Stewart
24 January 2018

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I saw my daughter’s palette as a blank canvas. This might sound strange to some and yes, we are born with some genetic inclinations to certain tastes but for the most part, our palettes are blank – ready to be introduced to new flavour combinations and textures.

My number 1 rule when I started my daughter on solid food was to never be afraid of letting her explore different flavours. As soon as she got the basics under her belt I started experimenting with different combinations and a few quickly became her favourite meals.

I also often found that adding a different flavour to a food she didn’t quite like, changed her mind about it. Nothing wrong with a bit of trickery!

Here are our top 10 not-so-traditional combo’s:


Broccoli & Pear – broccoli is my daughters least favourite food  (and I don’t blame her) but I found mixing it with a fruit like pear really helped add some much needed sweetness

Broccoli & Pear


Sweet Potato & Apple – both a bit bland on their own but together they are so good   

Sweet Potato & Apple


Spinach & Banana – spinach can be a bit watery so banana gives it some good body and texture

Spinach & Banana


Beetroot, Avocado & Blueberries – blueberries are a superfood so you cannot go wrong adding them to pretty much anything

Beetroot, Avocado & Blueberries


Carrots & Apricots – apricots really bring out the carrots natural sweetness

Carrots & Apricots


Chickpeas & Cauliflower – chickpeas are a great source of protein but a bit of a strange taste so the cauliflower neutralises it a bit

Chickpeas & Cauliflower


Kale, Apple & Blackberry – an all round vitamin packed puree great for boosting the immune system

Kale, Apple & Blackberry


Zucchini & Mushrooms – mushrooms can be hard to introduce because of their odd texture so zucchini hides that but still let’s the flavour come through

Zucchini & Mushrooms


Potatoes & Red Peppers – the peppers are a bit runny and quite strong in flavour so the potatoes add a nice neutral base and adds good texture

Potatoes & Red Peppers


Prunes, Pear & Kale – prunes and pear are great for digestion problems and the kale just adds a nice nutritious punch

Prunes, Pear & Kale

When it comes to the world of baby food combinations the only rule to keep in mind is to ensure that you are only giving your baby one new food at a time. So her being my first child and me suffering from OCD, I went about it all very methodically: I  introduced my daughter to most foods individually first, I kept her on a certain food for about 4 days just so I could make sure no allergies would pop up. I recorded what food she was okay with in a notebook so that I wouldn’t forget and then once she was safely introduced to most foods, I started combining them.

It took a while for us to work through the foods individually first so another approach you could take is to take a food your little one is used to, and add a new food to it. Once they are used to both, you can add a third flavour and so forth. I will probably do it this way with my second as I will have a 2 year old to run after so no time to waste.

Other than what I mentioned above, there are no rules as to what you can combine and what you can’t. Play around and be creative. Some combinations might not work but some will. Food before your baby turns one is just for fun and learning, they will still get most of their nutrients from breastmilk/formula. So just enjoy this tasty adventure with your little one!

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