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Keeko Range – the ideal range for kids

There will be periods in your child’s life where their favourite toy might certainly be the cardboard box that housed your new washing machine or the pot collection from your kitchen cupboard. It’s great to encourage your child’s imagination and introduce play with a range of safe household objects as they grow,

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Plastic bibs, bandana bibs or bibs that tie at the side. The range of bibs is large and you are spoilt for choice, but what should you look for? Every type of bib has a purpose, even if it is just about looking good, and you may find as your child grows a need for different types.

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Night Lights – Loads Of Fun!

They can be just a simple LED light which plugs into the wall socket in the bedroom and is left turned on all the time. The light comes on when the room gets dark at night and turns on when daylight arrives in the morning. The bulbs have a long life but replacement bulbs can be purchased.

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